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Hello, You-

Tacit Touch is a guided journey through the Story of your body. This therapy is about learning your body's expressive language and listening on a level that most of us were never taught to do. This re-enchantment and connection with your immutable, whole Self will ultimately permeate all of your life. The Story of your life is reflected in your body; and the Story of your body is mirrored in your life.   

Creating and serving my clients through Tacit Touch has been thrilling. I love what I do. Watching firsthand how lives are transformed and how bodies walk out of my studio moving in new ways fills me with deep joy. Yes, we are with hard, intense, and oftentimes traumatic stories, yet as we begin to feel into and be the emotions around those, it becomes more manageable; And we get to tell a new narrative. I get to help clients re-wire and re-pair on a cellular level around core beliefs, family of origin dynamics and other relational injuries that are imprinted on the soma and psyche. 


I believe we've both been prepared; that there is something stirring in human consciousness right now that is affecting the realms and that our journies are to be woven together for such a time as this. I believe in your Wholeness, your Beauty, and your Becoming - and that nothing can add or take away from who you are; but that much of life's journey is learning to love, deeply and experientially, all of you.


And to do that, we must enter In. We must listen to the innate wisdom inside our very bodies. 

The Body holds all of your memories and moments. It is the recorded history of your life. Each circumstance, emotion, experience, and thought you've ever had, happened in your Body - was imprinted/recorded IN your cells and makeup. The Body is infinite and beyond comprehension. Its complex systems and unknowable processes mirror the depths of our consciousness.


The Body is our subconscious.


To believe that the Body can be a good, wise ally always for you, not against you, aimed at health and vitality is to believe in that same basic assumption about the Story of You. To believe that a Story is being told for our good and ultimately looks toward the Health and Vitality of All.

I believe things will happen in our sessions that will be beyond words, and yes, beyond thought. They will happen in the territory of the body where experience alone is the language. We will attempt to put words to these movements, but often movement itself is what produces Life.


Our mappings of words and attempts at interpretation are helpful, but an important distinction is our attempt to relay reality verses Reality itself. Our attempt lies in words, metaphor, thoughts, stories... Reality itself is in the Body. In pure Presence. Here and now. There is a Reality of mystery to life.


We are called to enter and embody this mystery. To allow what is beyond our understanding to express and permeate our lives. May we be at Home with this Mysterious Presence. May it heal and transform us and continue out to all of humanity. 

I don't have anything more figured out than any of you. I'm just as messy, just as human, just as beautiful. I have been moved to this work because of You. I will be on this journey with you. I can't wait to meet you.

What an honor that you would come,



Maggie Johns, BA,
Certified Somatic Therapist, CST-3
Fmr. Licensed Massage Therapist


"While working with Maggie, I was able to feel love and compassion for myself for the first time. I’ve become more aware of my breathing- specifically that I could benefit from deepening it more often, and also listening to my body for the messages it tells me- whether that is that something makes me feel joyful, or perhaps if I need to be soothed or cared for a certain way. This experience has been healing, joyful, sometimes painful- but always an awakening that gets me out of day to day thought patterns and in touch with my body."


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